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About Laser Hair Removal (LHR)

Here at Infusion Wellbeing, we use the latest "crystal freeze" technology. Crystal freeze is proven to be the safest and fastest method of removing unwanted body hair. It also removes those annoying ingrown hairs on the body and face. Both men and women of all skin types can have laser hair removal.


To become hair-free with long lasting (or permanent!) hair removal, the laser needs to destroy the hair follicle, which is what makes the hair grow. Our laser therapists use controlled pulses of light to penetrate the upper skin layer, where it is then absorbed by our body's own natural chemical called melanin.


Melanin is in our hair follicles and converts the light energy from the laser into heat. This is then transferred to the hair follicle to destroy it, and it becomes unable to produce new hair. LHR is the only way to prevent hair follicles producing new hair - waxing and shaving does not destroy the hair follicle, hence why your hair grows back.


The majority of our hair is in the anagen phase - the resting phase - which is why more than one LHR session is recommended to achieve optimal results.


We recommend booking a course of laser hair removal treatments. When you book one of our 6 or 8 session packages, we will offer you a 20% discount on your treatment,

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Q: Does it hurt?

Each skin type will feel a different sensation due to the levels of pigment in the skin. Pain tolerance is very individual. Most people describe the laser sensation as warm, tiny pin pricks.


We start the laser settings on a low level and work our way up increase the settings. We will always ensure you are comfortable and at ease throughout your laser treatment. 

Q: How many sessions do I need?

We will assess this via a consultation to determine your hair and skin type.

Hair grows in three different stages - anagen, catagen, and telogen. To ensure permanent hair reduction/removal, hairs need to be in the anagen stage, as only these follicles are damaged by the laser. Only 15% of your hair at any given time will be in this stage, so we recommend a course of 6-10 sessions.

Q: Can any skin type have LHR?

Yes, they can!  All skin types can have laser hair removal. Our diode laser machine can treat all skin types safely and effectively.

Q: Is LHR permanent?

Yes, it is permanent. Any hair follicle that is successfully destroyed by the laser will no longer have the ability to grow hair.


Everyone has dormant hair follicles over their body, which can be stimulated at any stage in your life. This means new hair can grow, so it is recommended to have a top up session yearly, to destroy any new stimulated hair follicles.

Q: Can all hair types have LHR?

Unfortunately only brown, dark brown, and black hair can benefit from laser hair removal treatment. This is because blonde and grey hair has not got a strong pigment, and that is what the laser clings to destroy the hair follicle. 



Upper Lip - £30

Cheeks - £30

Chin - £30

Sideburns - £35

Beard - £60

Full face - £70

Upper Body

Neck - £40

Shoulders - £80

Half arm - £50

Full arm - £80

Lower back - £80

Stomach - £70

Underarms - £50

Chest - £110

Full back* - £130

*excludes shoulders

Lower Body

Lower back - £80

Bikini- £50

Brazilian - £65

Hollywood - £90

Half leg - £90

Full leg - £120

Buttocks - £70

Feet & Toes - £35

Fingers & Toes - £35

Full Body

Full body & face - £350